Hetton Hawks CC is proud to be hosting this years HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Championships.

Hetton Hawks is a Go-Ride cycling club for young riders aged 5 to 18. It is a “Development Club”, which means that our aim is to provide high quality coaching and support for young riders at every stage of their time with us as they develop and grow.

Hetton Hawks takes great pride in being a friendly environment that is incredibly welcoming of young riders who are keen to get involved in cycling and provide coaching to improve their confidence, developing bike handling skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

With this grounding, riders are then provided with additional skills to enable them to participate in club, regional and national races

As well as the coaching team we enjoy incredible support from parents and helpers, it is these individuals who are the officials of the club and meet once a month to continuously improve the standards and plan the activities.

So how is a little club of 110 young members able to put on the Cyclo-Cross National Championships?

The club has grown on the passion and energy of its volunteers, but all of those volunteers are professional people in their work-life who possess an incredible range of skills managing multi-million pound projects and delivering global reaching solutions across many industries.

So we simply take those motivated people and harness all of the skills and energy within the club to adopt all of the best we see in event management and then constantly search for the marginal gains that make our events the best that they can be.

We are meticulous in our planning and deliver as a team. If we can show our young riders that through teamwork you can achieve incredible results then we leave them with life-skills that they can carry into their lives beyond lycra and carbon fibre.

Sound cheesy?

Wait till you are driving home on the evening of Sunday the 14th of January and we guarantee it’s anything other than cheesy. We mean it.