The feedback from the course we used at last years trophy event was so good that we have kept a very similar course for the national champs.

The start loop takes you round the tarmac cycle track, then off-road to enter the woods.

On the first lap you will by-pass the ‘Run-Up’ but it’s in for every lap after that to drain your legs.

You climb climb to the top of the park through the woods before descending back to the main area.

A small click back up to overlook the park before The Esses drop you back down along the tree line where you’ll have your first opportunity to pit.

Following the pits there’s a brief return to tarmac before you’re off-road again down towards the lake and the 180 hair pin over Devil’s Dip sending you back up into the switch back sections.

Into a short single track wooded section to test your technical skills after which you will climb back out to cross The Flyover and get a great view of the lake.

The course then heads out close to the Car-Park onto The Cambers and returning you back to head under The Flyover and heading up the tarmac back along the start straight.

After crossing the finish line you turn sharply right over Hawk Hurdles and up to the second pit entry before starting each new lap with The Run Up.